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Xi Men Ding In Taiwan

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    Today let’s go back to Xi Men Ding where it has the first pedestrian area built in Taipei and is the largest in Taiwan. Quite a big area around Xi Men Ding and we start our journey with a map on hand.

    Xi Men Ding or 西门町 in Mandarin was doubt as Harajuku of Taiwan. This modern youth city attracts an average of over millions of shopper every month from different countries.

    How to go Xi Men Ding? Just take the MRT Bannan Line and stop at Ximen Station.

    Xi Men Ding In Taipei City

    Plan just to sleep in hotel around Xi Men Ding? Quite tough because Xi Men Ding has been a famous area for shopping and entertainment.

    The environment in Xi Men Ding is quite similar to Japan city with giant ads and TV screens light up the night sky at night.

    Where is the Xi Men or West Gate? It is no longer there according to the source from Taiwan local people.

    Anyway I just have to take a simple shot to prove I have been to Xi Men Ding 😉

    The trendy shopping district of Xi Men Ding is a popular gathering place for young people and shopaholic.

    Pop music fill the air while young men and women browse the boutiques and shops wearing the latest trend.

    Not sure there’s any night market though and too bad we didn’t go Xi Men Ding at night to have rock and roll party 🙂

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