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Taroko Gorge National Park

  • By on January 12, 2010 | 2 Comments

    I had heard whispers of Taroko Gorge far away from here to Hualien, Taiwan. Also known as Marble Gorge, I recommend anyone to visit here as the best spot of Taroko National Park.

    Taroko Gorge is famous for its spectacular mountains and marble canyon created by erosion process few thousand years ago.

    Situated 15 km north of the city of Hualien, Taroko Gorge has 19 km long marble and granite canyon carved by the Liwu River that is one of the deepest in the world.

    So how to visit Taroko Gorge in Taiwan? We went to the National Park from Hualien by hiring a driver, but one of my friend drove from Sun Moon Lake and reach Taroko Gorge in 6 hours 😀

    Taroko Gorge In Hualien


    The journey of Taroko Gorge starts here where you need to walk through the cool and dark cave.

    Our Hualien driver drop us on the entrance point, drove to the end and wait us on the exit 😀


    Don’t forget to wear your safety helmet before venture into the Taroko Gorge because there’s danger of rockfall around the area.

    We have to walk side by side with the marble wall of Taroko and looks like we are going to do some construction work 😉


    One of the view on Taroko Gorge marble wall. Did you see on the color of the marble wall?

    Just amazing to enjoy the magnificent scenery and fresh air at the same time when passing the Tunnel of Nine Turns Tail 😀


    This is where we spotted the fish in Taroko Gorge. Did you see any fish in the picture?

    Just focus on the center of the picture and you will see one gray color fish swimming in the Liwu river of Taroko 🙂

    Based on legend of Taroko, the fish is leaping across the dragon gate under the jade clear spring water.


    Twitter spotted with sky and rainbow color in Taroko Gorge! At least now I know lots of Taiwanese tweet as well 😀

    If this is the first time you seeing my travel blog about Taroko, feel free to visit the rest 😉

    Taroko National Park Tour

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