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Tampak Siring – Tirta Empul Temple

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    Discover the magnificent atmosphere in Tampak Siring or known as Tirta Empul temple. You can’t miss this spot which is one of the best cultural visit in Ubud, Bali.

    As we move our step towards Tampak Siring temple, we felt special kind of air flowing around us. Cool and mind relaxing.

    The visit to Tampak Siring temple definitely worth with the entrance ticket for 15,000 Indonesia Rupiah.

    We can see the ex-President Sukarno’s palace from near. Let’s take a walk around the Tampak Siring temple 😉

    The Holy Atmosphere In Tampak Siring

    Every month during the full moon, Balinese will come to cleanse their body using holy water in Tampak Siring.

    It’s been more than a thousand years, the tradition continues almost unchanged at the temple today.

    One of the gate in Tirta Empul which has similar carving pattern in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

    The word Tirta means water while Empul means spring 🙂

    Legend has it that the sacred Tirta Empul spring was created by the god Indra.

    His forces had been poisoned by Mayadanawa so he pierced the earth to create a fountain of immortality to revive them.

    The Balinese purify their mind from the left to right of the spring with prayers. ome believe the water can cure sickness as well.

    Bear in mind swimming is not allowed in the holy pool. Respect and love the Balinese culture 😀

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