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Taroko Gorge Swallow Grotto

  • By on January 5, 2010 | 5 Comments

    Swallow Grotto or known as Yanzihkou in Taroko Gorge offers you a great spot of gorge walls and magnificent blue water. I consider it one of my favorite backpack spot in Taroko National Park and I believe anyone who visit Swallow Grotto before will agree with me.

    Please take extra caution when turning into narrow snake turn if you are driving to Swallow Grotto 🙂

    Our hired Hualien driver drop us into the pedestrian walk once reach Swallow Grotto so that we can take a leisure walk along Swallow Grotto (Yanzihkou) and enjoy the magnificent gorge scenery.

    Swallow Bird In The Grotto Rocks


    Swallow Grotto is consider as part of Taroko Gorge and overall the favorite spot was composed of marble cliff faces covered with small holes.

    The beautiful colors painted naturally on the rocks in Swallow Grotto. So where is the swallow bird hiding?

    It’s kind of mystery feeling I have when I look upon the natural rocks carving. Who knows we can find a dinosaur fossil under this rocks 😉


    The natural erosion by Liwu river and ground water created the wonderful shape on the Gorge cliff.

    The water is just too blue just like what I saw previously in Seven Star Lake 🙂

    There’s lot of hole among the gorge cliff of Swallow Grotto and you should be able to locate swallow nest inside.

    If you are going to Taroko National Park or Hualien County soon, check out my other blog post about this amazing place 😀


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