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Pre Rup Temple, Siem Reap

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    Pre Rup Temple was one of my recommendation for your 30 minutes to 1 hour destination visit in Siem Reap Travel Escape.

    It was built around 10th Century and Pre Rup was a huge temple constructed by bricks instead of sandstones.

    Pre Rup Temple Discovery Team


    It was pretty hot in the afternoon but we chose to climb to the top of Pre Rup temple after Prasat Kravan Thom visit 😀


    We are almost reaching to the top of Central Tower in Pre Rup and I was amazed by their carving based on the brick 😀

    The tour guide explains lots of story based on the Pre Rup carving but I barely remember any…whoops 🙂


    If you are into photography shot, I would recommend you to visit anytime of the day but not afternoon as Pre Rup structure benefits from the natural shadow created by sunlight 😀

    Another point was there’s no tree for your shade in Pre Rup, so prepare your umbrella and sun block if you plan to go in the afternoon.


    Left view on the upper terrace of Central Tower of Pre Rup, I guess this temple needs some Conservation Angkor ‘CA’ brick here 🙂


    For your knowledge, Pre Rup means ‘turning the body’ and this temple has the area to hold cremation process which you saw it in this picture 🙂

    Archeologists believe that this long stone container at the base of the main eastern stairs of the temple was used in funerals.


    View from the upper terrace of Pre Rup Central Tower to the temple main entrance 😀

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