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Prasat Kravan Thom

  • By on August 15, 2009 | 2 Comments

    Prasat Kravan Thom is relatively small compares to other temple in the City of Angkor and you just need 30 minutes to complete your visit here.

    We visited Prasat Kravan Thom soon after the Roluos Group Temple and found the five brick sanctuaries of Prasat Kravan Thom contain a good interior brick construction based on Khmer art.

    Prasat Kravan Thom was dedicated to Vishnu which was reflected in their interior decoration.

    The central sanctuary wall carving has the figure of Vishnu crossing the ocean by wave line below him rendered in bricks.

    Prasat Kravan Thom Visit


    If you take a closer look on Prasat Kravan Thom, most of the part was restored in the 1960’s as the conservation activity in City of Angkor.

    Some bricks were new with the label of ‘CA’ which means Conservation Angkor in the Prasat Kravan Thom 😀

    I would recommend you to visit Prasat Kravan Thom in the afternoon, as the temple has open roof creating more natural light for your photography action 😉


    Just a short visit here but we learn story on Vishnu and Lakshimi in Prasat Kravan Thom.

    Prasat Kravan Thom was one of our destination in Siem Reap Travel Escape and we are moving to the next, Pre Rup temple 😀

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