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Old Logging Village, Lin Tian Shan

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    Lin Tian Shan, the old logging village in Hualien County was one of our tour destination on the second day in Taiwan. This former logging camp was occupied by Japanese before and some old building has kind of Japanese old village design.

    Right before Lin Tian Shan (林田山), we visited the so called ‘Cingjing’ Farm in Hualien County without a good memory 😀

    Hualien Homestay recommend us to visit Lin Tian Shan which is far away from Hualien City and we are glad to follow their travel advice 😀

    Hualien Old Logging Village


    Lin Tian Shan tour is more towards cultural visit where there’s mini cultural museum that display the old logging equipment and history.

    If you see the old trees in picture, those gigantic trees has an age of a century carved on it 🙂

    There is also an exhibition center which has beautiful carving on tree logs in Lin Tian Shan and it’s worth to see.

    I can’t show you any of them because photograph was not allowed in the exhibition center.


    The railway road was the transportation line to transfer the tree logs out from Hualien County.

    Now Lin Tian Shan railway became the path of tourist walk and there’s no train sighted in the area 🙂


    Back before there’s no railway road available, human’s power was required to deliver the tree logs outside of Hualien County.

    Today there’s no logging activity allowed in Lin Tian Shan as part of Hualien forest preservation activity.

    If you love to visit ancient town, remember to allocate an hour or two for Lin Tian Shan visit 🙂

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