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Kabel Spean Carving Waterfall, Siem Reap

  • By on September 2, 2009 | 2 Comments

    The last day of our Siem Reap Travel has arrived and our first destination of the day was to set our foot in Kbal Spean Carving Waterfall. Before you going to Kbal Spean, confirm with your driver and tour guide for any additional pay required or not.

    In our case, we paid USD 5 to tour guide and USD 20 for transporter to bring us to Kbal Spean from Siem Reap due to the travel distance and it was not negotiated in the existing contract 😉

    If not mistaken, you will reach Kbal Spean in 1-2 hours drive from Siem Reap. Location? Not so sure about it 😀

    Kbal Spean, Siem Reap


    You bet you got to hike for 40 minutes in the jungle with your tour guide before you reach Kbal Spean Waterfall 🙂

    A piece of advice, watch your steps especially hiking the rock area because I saw some blood stain on the rock and CSI sense told me someone injured. No joke 🙁


    So what’s special about Kbal Spean? Aside from very mini waterfall especially during the dry season, it has the carving on the rocks around the waterfall 😉

    Ask your tour guide to explain to you the story carved on the stone 🙂


    Kbal Spean was commonly known as the valley of a 1000 Lingas.

    The carving consist of Hindu gods and we were amazed to first encountered carving on stones that was well preserved since 11th to 13th centuries 🙂


    Lots of butterfly flying near the Kbal Spean Waterfall and we love them to stick with us 🙂


    This is the Kbal Spean waterfall, enough space for 1 adult and 2 children.

    Guess it will be cool to get some splash here under the 35 Celsius hot sun onion-sweat


    If you ask me whether it was worth or not to visit Kbal Spean, 75% for my answer 😉

    Wokay, that’s it for our first visit of Siem Reap in the last day of travel.

    The journey continues and not end yet. Our next destination will be Banteay Srei, the small Hindu temple with finest carving 😀

    ah hong

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