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Frog Bridge At Taroko Gorge

  • By on January 7, 2010 | 4 Comments

    Frog bridge does exist in the world and the only place you can find it is in Taroko Gorge. We passed by the bridge with the name of Cihmu after our visit to Taroko Gorge Swallow Grotto 😀

    When we arrive to Cihmu bridge, my first impression was there’s a gigantic frog sitting beneath the San Francisco golden bridge.

    It would be difficult to find parking space around this area so do a quick enjoy of marble stones around the bridge 🙂

    Cihmu Frog Bridge


    Upon looking this view, I imagine the frog is once a king and got curse to become a gigantic stone in Taroko Gorge.

    You didn’t believe me? Take on the frog’s head, that was his crown as a king 😉

    The name of Cihmu came from a tale story where a mother was washed away while tried to save her child.

    The pavilion or the frog’s crown was built by former president Chiang Kai-shek in memory of his mother.

    There’s lots more coming from Taroko Gorge as the best place to visit in Hualien, Taiwan. Stay tune 😀

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