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  • Roasted Duck Rice
    By on March 5, 2011 | 2 Comments

    Isn’t it great to crave roasted duck with rice in early Sunday morning? Today we are going to check in one of the old but not famous duck rice stall in Klang.

    You know, it would be a sin for Klang people to skip Bak Kut Teh especially in the weekend morning. LOL.

    Wokey, the roasted duck rice stall is hidden opposite of Old Klang Bus Station (near Wisma Hafiz).

    Fine Roasted Duck

    The stall serves fine roasted duck and the taste leveled with roasted duck from Chui Moon restaurant in Taman Rasnah.

    Smooth skin and duck meat mixed together with the homemade salty soy sauce. Mmmmm~~~

    Chinese BBQ Pork Intestine

    One of my personal favourite, theĀ Chinese BBQ Pork Intestine a.k.a Siew Deng (in Hokkien).

    Doesn’t looks like pork intensine at all because it’s actually minced pork and compressed into elongated shape and BBQ. Love this very much šŸ˜€

    Chinese BBQ Pork

    Every single Chinese in the world will love theĀ Chinese BBQ Pork a.k.a Char Siew (in Cantonese). Agree?

    Always remember to ask for half thin fat combinationĀ Char Siew which is proven with great taste. Alright, let’s enjoy the meal shall we šŸ˜€

  • The Speed Of Maglev Train
    By on March 4, 2011 | No Comments

    Our next Travel EscapadesĀ destination will be in Shanghai, China. The tour begins with an awesome speed riding experience on Maglev, one of the fastest train we ever board on.

    We reach Pudong International Airport and Maglev is the best choice to reach Shanghai city subway in split minute without jam.Ā SoundsĀ exaggerating but true šŸ˜‰

    Travel Speed Matters

    40RMB is the cost we need to pay to travel from Pudong International Airport to Longyang MRT.

    Travel by Maglev is a great choice to avoid stuck in Shanghai City rush hour traffic šŸ˜€

    It’s unbelievable, the Shanghai Maglev is running at 431km/h with 1/10 of the gravitational acceleration!

    It’s pretty low inertia force and we can have a pretty good sleep during th travel. Good one šŸ˜€

    My eyes blink few times and we are now at Longyang MRT station. It’s happened too fast. LOL.

    One advice, you can purchase Easy Card for 30RMB and it’s prettyĀ convenient to swipe and travel via MRT to explore Shanghai City šŸ™‚