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  • Majestic Dim Sum @ Royal Garden Shanghai
    By on May 30, 2011 | 1 Comment

    Dim Sum is one of the famous Chinese cuisine served in a small steamer basket or on a small plate. This time around I will bring you to China and discover the food culture with thousand of years in history.

    The majestic experience begin with a beautiful morning in Shanghai. We plan to take a light walk around Zhong Shan Park but before that it’s the dim sum craving time.

    Royal Garden (御花园酒店) is one of the favourite dim sum restaurant and it’s full of elderly Shanghai people.

    Looks like they enjoy their time after the morning exercise with one basket of dim sum and a cup of hot tea 🙂

    The Unique Culinary Art Of Dim Sum

    Close up view of dim sum. The beautiful dressing just match the quality of the dim sum. Satisfied with the unique taste and I couldn’t wait to order another same basket 😉

    Sweet Char Siew Bao with silky skin is one of my favourite dish of the day. Every bite counts on the soft Char Siew Bao and I feel like I am dreaming. Great.

    It would be the greatest lie if I said this is one of the best egg tart in the world. The taste is just above average thanks to the compact taste of the egg custard 🙂

    No one should miss out Chee Cheong Fun (rice noodle roll) stuffed with sliced mushrooms. Simply beautiful in taste, mmpphh.

    Overall I am impressed with the dim sum taste in majestic Royal Garden. It spike up my adrenaline to visit either Guangdong in Southern China or Hong Kong which said to have the finest dim sum in the world 😉

    Address – Zhongshan Park, 780 Changning Road
    Tel – (8621) 5757-5777

  • Best Pearl Milk Tea & Mix Pudding
    By on April 16, 2011 | No Comments

    Looking for the best pearl milk tea and mix pudding taste in Malaysia? You should fly to Sabah and visit YoYo Cafe in either Centerpoint or Lintas Square for the best one.

    YoYo Cafe has been around in Kota Kinabalu for years and I guess it’s one of the sustainable beverage franchise in Sabah.

    Frankly, I am a great fans of YoYo due to their great taste of pearl milk tea and mix pudding. Let’s check it out 🙂

    YoYo Cafe

    Here we are in front of the YoYo Cafe in Centerpoint. You have to fill in the order, pay to the cashier first and get the numbering queue ticket.

    The numbering queue  system  is kinda similar to One BBQ in Hualien, Taiwan. You may want to guess who owns YoYo Cafe 🙂

    At last, the best pearl milk tea in Malaysia has fallen into my hands with the temperature of 10 degree Celcius.

    The chewy pearl not too hard nor too soft and it’s taste awesome with the less sweetening milk tea.

    I believe the overall taste is in par with Specialized Pearl Milk Tea and Taichung Pearl Milk Tea 🙂

    Mix pudding from YoYo Cafe deserve another recognition for its great combination taste of mango, egg, coffee and chocolate pudding.

    The feeling is just great when you spoon out the soft pudding and slurp it into your mouth. Mmmphh~

    For those who just bought AirAsia ticket to Kota Kinabalu, you shouldn’t miss this out in your trip to the Land Below The Wind 😉