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  • One Night In Ho Chi Minh City
    By on August 6, 2011 | 5 Comments

    Ho Chi Minh or commonly known as Saigon is the largest city in Vietnam and the former capital of the Republic of Vietnam.

    We reach Tan Son Nhat International Airport in the afternoon and have to salute the immigration officer before pass through the gate to Ho Chi Minh.

    This is what we call haywire, I can’t imagine how the technician will be able to identify the faulty one .

    The traffic is pretty busy in Ho Chi Minh city and you will be amazed by the motorcyclist on the road skill 😉

    One of the attraction in Ho Chi Minh, the Saigon Central Post Office. The Gothic architectural style building was constructed when Vietnam was part of French in the early 20th century.

    Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica is a cathedral located in the downtown of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It’s located just next to Saigon Central Post Office.

    Established by French colonists, the cathedral was constructed between 1863 and 1880. It has two bell towers reaching a height of 58 meters.

    It’s time to have some snack! Banh Mi is Vietnamese baguette made with both wheat and rice flour.

    It is stems from the French countryside salad sandwich which consists of lettuces, tomatoes and sometimes vegetables as well as dressing served on a baguette. Nice 😀

    Check into Sofitel in Ho Chi Minh at last. The bed is good~ bathroom is good ~ and the breakfast is good. Well worth to spend a night here 😉

    The night view from Sofitel sky bar. You can do some swimming here and enjoy the night breeze with a cocktail.

    We will be heading to Da Lat tomorrow. Good night Ho Chi Minh 🙂

  • Golden Sea Of Roast Chestnut
    By on June 24, 2011 | 1 Comment

    Do you love roast chestnut? It’s one of the ingredient used to make Zong Zi (粽子), a traditional Chinese food made of glutinous rice stuffed with different fillings.

    It’s kinda surprise to me as I stumbled upon this stall in Shanghai city which sell roast chestnut only in their menu.

    The golden sea of roast chestnut. Looks like all the cracked open chestnut is ready for craving.

    The minimum purchase is 100 gram and it’s mission impossible to finish all of it alone 😀

    1 out of 100  gram roast chestnut. This is just the beginning to swallow the golden sea in front of me.

    Anyway, no special feeling from me towards the taste of roast chestnut but it’s great to crave it while it is hot 🙂