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  • Mount Kinabalu Travel Expedition
    By on October 12, 2008 | 12 Comments

    So everyone ready? Let’s climb Mountain Kinabalu to get some sample of rocks for Geology research. Before that let us has some time for intro, Ah-Hong.com proudly present the 2 popular Kinabalu Expedition Teamster 😀

    Kinabalu Travel Expedition Team 2007 (29 Apr 07 – 1 May 07)

    Kinabalu Travel Expedition Team 2008 (29 Apr 08 – 1 May 08)

    Erk….both team went up on a different year but with the same date ya :p (both enjoying the same pain & gain during the climbing journey).

    Wait…looks like I celebrate 2007 & 2008 Labour Day on top of Borneo? Cool

    The so called expedition last for 3 days 2 night and you might be curious which route that we used to climb Mt. Kinabalu.

    It was Mesilau trail, why? Because you can have a better scenery view if you climbing using Mesilau trail rather than Timpohon trail. Although Mesilau trail was 2km longer compares to Timpohon trail…trust me…the scenery view really worth for your eyes.

    Let me share with you guys on how the itinerary sounds

    Mount Kinabalu Tours Itinerary

    1st Day

    • Depart from KLIA and arrive KK
    • Drop by Kundasang to buy stuff for Steamboat at Mesilau Resort
    • Stop at Kinabalu Park to registration
    • Drop by Cow Farm to have some New Zealand Cow Milk
    • Check in & Overnight@ Mesilau Resort (cook steamboat, enjoy the coolest place in Malaysia)

    Recommendation: –

    a) If you love sleeping with the sounds of the waterfall and damn cold environment…you might want to stay Ugly Sister Lodge

    b) Looking for spacious and special furnish place to stay with peace in mind (queit)…Donkey Ears Lodge is for you

    2nd Day

    • Climbing of Mount Kinabalu begin at Mesilau Summit Trail
    • Reach the Laban Rata Resthouse
    • Overnight @Laban Rata Hut

    Recommendation: –

    a) For those who full of energy and love to sleep with your jackets while giggling like you are in Everest…then choose any Cabin around the Laban Rata (those without heater)

    b) Else choose to stay in the Rest House with heater’s on. Good for women, at least there’s bathroom in the Rest House.

    Guess you will eat in hunger in the highest restaurant in South East Asia, when you reach Laban Rata and see how your energy was burn…

    Stairways to heaven…can someone tell me when are we going to reach Laban Rata

    Burning sunset in Laban Rata (6.30pm 30 Apr 07)

    Heaven feeling in Laban Rata (5.00pm 30 Apr 08)

    3rd Day
    • Summit climb at around 0200 to Low’s Peak (4095m) to see sunrise
    • Descend from Low’s Peak to Laban Rata for rest
    • Descend from Laban Rata to reach to Kinabalu Park
    • Overnight @Kinabalu Park Resort

    Recommendation: –

    Descend with slippers from Laban Rata to Kinabalu Park.

    Feel the wind on Low’s Peak (top of Borneo)

    Still energetic to do some kungfu act before descending from Laban Rata…wuuu yahh…

    Alas, I want to thanks to all my friends who run the Kinabalu Expedition with me (some of fellow DiGi yellow man and yellow woman)

    You all is da best and rocks