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Telekom Service Helpline Number

  • By on April 17, 2009 | No Comments

    Are you looking for the telephone number for Telekom Service Helpline to complain on service fault on your landline?

    Well, you are trying to report service fault on your landline using your handphone 🙂

    You hit the number 100 and it responded “The number you have dial is not avaiable” 🙁

    You went to Telekom website to check on the contact number, but 100 is the option for you. Did Telekom really thinks that all the complaint will come through landline and not handphone?

    Thanks to one of my friend, he has the similar situation before. He got this number 1300 888 123 where we can call to Telekom Service Helpline through our handphone after so many trial and error call 😀

    Can Telekom publish this Telekom Service Helpline number to their website? It will save lots of headache from the customer to look for the Helpline number 🙁

    Well, I logged the call on the service fault on my landline which impacted my Streamyx internet connection on T+0.

    Today cames to T+4, landline and Streamyx internet connection still DOWN. Great 🙁

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