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The Panda In Giraffe

  • By on September 9, 2009 | No Comments

    Got yourself a DSLR camera? Yeah, I am rocking into photography in newbie level just around 3 weeks ago. Manchuks share about his experience on practical theory about photography around one year ago and I was wanted to get one since then 😀

    He is an Alphians and that doesn’t influence me to be Alphians though I am Alphians now, haha 🙂

    I am very happy and damn lucky to get myself Sony Alpha 330 after wandering around few big name brands in the market.

    Lots of people ask, why Sony? Seriously I don’t know the exact answer and I only know I follow my instinct when making decision most of the time 🙂

    Once there’s a Nikon pro level told me, brands doesn’t matter but picture output does in the end of the camera to picture story.

    I agree on that and I just need to lay my finger and ka-chak to start learning 🙂

    Okay, let’s get started with the shooting please.

    Panda & Giraffe Portrait Shot

    Started my shot with a simple but the hardest one? Portrait photography 🙂

    I did ask Manchuks, what is the difference between model and portrait photography? Maybe you can share your opinion by commenting.


    My model, Giraffe was posing in front of the flowers and should I get a reflector to fill light from below?

    Seems like my focus was not steady here, gonna improve my shooting as soon 🙂


    Spontaneous shot when we are moving on the escalator, I think I should learn on the light balance as well. Great experience I got today.

    Now I remember why I named the blog title as “The Panda In Giraffe”, because she is wearing the World Wildlife Fund panda t-shirt 😀

    If you buy any t-shirt with panda, you going to save the world.

    Okay, that’s all for photography post today and I wish you all happy 090909 😉

    I love Panda & Giraffe 🙂

    ah hong

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