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Siem Reap Bousavy Guest House Breakfast

  • By on May 9, 2009 | 1 Comment

    This blog post was dedicated to those backpacker who stays in Bousavy Guest House during the journey in Siem Reap monkey-jog

    Twin sharing room in Bousavy Guest House cost USD 15 per night with clean & quiet environment compares to Guest House located in the Pub Street.

    Though Bousavy Guest House was 15 minutes walk away from Pub Street, I recommend you to stay in Bousavy Guest House…because of you can enjoy their tasty breakfast every morning monkey-good

    Breakfast will be provided every morning when you woke up from your bed.


    The long soft French bread with high quality butter and jam.

    Seriously, you can find the local selling this French bread in morning & night market.

    The taste was even better than what I had in Malaysia, Gardenia bread onion-laugh2


    You can have either Scrambled Egg or this Long Long Egg, nice one 🙂


    Fried Noodle with Vegetables & Meat. This was extremely delicious in taste, better than Maggi Noodle Soup or Cintan Noodle Soup

    My friends and I even ‘da bao’ back these Instant Noodle from Siem Reap back to Malaysia monkey-thief


    Black Coffee with Milk, I am not coffee lover but I like the taste very much 😀


    I gives 4 out 5 star to the food I had in Bousavy Guest House.

    Simple and special taste is the key of my recommendationmonkey-eat-1


    The last one is the fruit dessert, I had the sweet banana and pineapple for my whole journey in Siem Reap.

    Wonder that Cambodia is the main exporter for banana and pineapple 😉

    I am missing the breakfast taste I had in Bousavy Guest House now monkey-in-love

    ah hong

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    May 9, 2009 2:44 pm

    ah… i love cambodia

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