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Shihlin Big Sausage Snack

  • By on February 16, 2010 | 1 Comment

    Taiwan was famous for its night market sausage and tonight we will wander into the street of Shihlin Night Market to hunt for the special snack recipe. Wonder what is the difference between the sausage roll and the fragrant sausage?

    The sausage roll, La Chang (臘腸) is a hard dried sausage which was made from pork and a high content of fat. It is normally smoked, sweetened and seasoned.

    While fragrant sausage, Xiang Chang (香腸) is a fresh and plump sausage consisting of chopped pieces of pork and un-rendered pork fat. The sausage is rather sweet in taste.

    Our walk stop in the stall which offers ‘Big Sausage Wrap Small Sausage’ snack. I consider the snack is one of the special invention by Taiwanese 😀

    So what is ‘Big Sausage Wrap Small Sausage’ snack? It is a grilled Taiwanese sweet pork sausage wrapped in a grilled salty and sticky glutinous rice.

    Customer can customize the topping flavour such as black pepper, garlic, chili, butter and chocolate in the snack.

    I chose original flavour of the snack for my kick off bite in the middle of Shihlin Night Market.

    Taiwanese Sausage Recipe


    Here comes the ‘Big Sausage Wrap Small Sausage’ (大肠包小肠) where the Taiwanese sweet pork sausage was wrapped by the salty and sticky glutinous rice.

    Delicious sausage with the fragrance of garlic and basil make this snack worth for 45NTD.

    I love the mixture taste of salty glutinous rice plus Taiwanese sweet pork sausage.

    Yummy crunch for our first snack in Shihlin Night Market 😉

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