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Red Bean Soup Dessert

  • By on September 18, 2010 | 1 Comment

    Red bean soup is one of the popular Chinese sweet dessert soup made with azuki beans. The recipe is kinda similar to Japanese Shiruko version served in a bowl with mochi but the soup is commonly thinner.

    Today we continue our snack marathon in Jiu Fen, Taipei and we walk into a shop name Jiu Fen Bai Mei Yu Yuan Zhuan Mai Dian (九份白梅芋圆专卖店).

    I know it’s too early for a dessert in the snack marathon but I couldn’t resist myself to order one bowl of colourful red bean soup.

    Red Bean Soup With Taro Ball

    So what’s the special about this red bean soup in Jiu Fen? The colourful and sticky Taro ball (Yu Yuan) in picture is the answer.

    The Taro ball will be soak in the sweet soup together with azuki beans and gave a nice chew on every bite 😀

    Special, special, special. Taiwanese is so creative in making snacks, aren’t they? 50NTD per bowl for this red bean soup with taro ball.

    You can also taste the read bean soup with taro ball from Ah Gan Yee Yu Yuan (阿柑姨芋圓). I heard they are one of the popular classic shop in Jiu Fen with the good scenery view, but be ready for a long-Q.

    Have you tasted the red bean soup with taro ball in Jiu Fen? Feel free to comment on your experience 😉

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