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Man Mei Pork Leg Recipe

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    Anyone loves to crave for pork leg? Old generation people tend to love pork leg more than the younger one and there’s different kind of recipe you can try to make the overall taste better.

    Just before our visit to Lin Tian Shan Old Village, we passed by Feng Lin Zhen (凤林镇) with empty stomach and looking for place for late lunch.

    Our Hualien driver who recommend us Milkfish (Chanos Chanos) before drove towards Man Mei Pork Leg (满妹猪脚) shop.

    Craving The Leg Of Pork


    Quite a rare case to find a shop that sell pork leg as their main dish, at least we found it in Hualien.

    I wonder if there’s anyone will invent pork leg Bah Kut Teh in the future 😉


    Here’s the pork leg (猪脚) dish by Man Mei and this plate will cost you 350NTD.

    Very smooth and delicious taste indeed and I am more selective by choosing less fat meat 🙂

    While Zoei fall in love with the silky skin pork leg recipe and we manage to finish up the whole plate.

    Our lunch meal cost us 780NTD in total and that includes fat and meaty Kampung Chicken (土鸡) for 350NTD and other dishes.

    Two thumbs up for the pork leg dish!

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