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One BBQ In Hualien

  • By on November 16, 2009 | 4 Comments

    Anyone heard before of One BBQ (第一家烤肉) and wonder how the BBQ snack looks like? We step our foot into the first night market in Hualien after we have completed our first day journey from Taipei to Hualien. This is the first place I am going to crave for the best snack in Taiwan 😀

    It is 9pm that night and my stomach starts to make some noise and attracted to the BBQ smell from far.

    It is Friday night and everyone is coming out to have the BBQ as dinner and it was recommended by the Min Su Home Stay owner.

    The price of BBQ per stick range from 10 to 25 NTD and remember this is not ‘Lut Lut’ stall although it looks like one 😀


    This is the key for your queue and seems like we are the number 200 customer that night.

    It is not instance BBQ  so you gotta wait until your number pop up on the LCD screen and collect your BBQ stick 😉


    First stick, the mushroom BBQ and the sweet taste like honey nearly knock me down to dream.

    Sounds exaggerating and you should try it if you going to Hualien 😀


    I can’t barely remember what is the second stick made from?

    Maybe I didn’t try this one and the shape looks like the ‘satay cucuk’ I had during my school time 😉


    This is the taste I remember the most. Spring roll meat with stuffed vegetables BBQ has the juicy taste that will makes you love every bite you take.

    A must try BBQ stick for the night and you should be getting more than one piece on each stick 😀


    Tofu BBQ stick has the fresh taste inside and this is my first time eating BBQ kind of tofu 🙂

    Do you like Stinky Tofu? Just you wait cos’ I going to share one out for you soon in Shilin Night Market.


    Here comes the BBQ Squid with the looks of Ginger Man and this is one of the trademark taste I had from the stall tonight.

    This is not the only piece of Squid for tonight, I had more than that with flexible chew on each bites.


    In the end, I couldn’t react physically and my brain was focused on each tasty bite. Two thumbs up for the BBQ meal tonight 🙂

    If you want to know, we spent around 265 NTD for 4 person’s sharing portion and this is just the beginning of the food craving.

    Visit One BBQ for more details about the BBQ snack 😀

    ah hong

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  1. #1 Dave
    October 18, 2010 10:02 pm

    Hi, I had something similar in Shilin night market, Taipei.

    Choose your skewers of yummies – then they BBQ for U while U wait.
    Yummy – though I felt the sauce was too much and tasted too strong.. 😉

    Yummicilious snapshots and notes U have here!

    I’ll be glad to share your Taiwan travel pages with fans in my Taiwan travel escape websites.
    Shall we exchange links?

    Dave 🙂

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