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Ninja Joe Pork Burger

  • By on October 25, 2010 | 1 Comment

    Want some Ninja Joe Pork Burger? You can get it from a small outlet near Carrefour in Tropicana City Mall with the cool name of Ninja Joe.

    Just expect pork burger in the picture and Ninja Joe serves no other than that with the non-halal tag on the door.

    You deserve RM1 off any Ninja meal if your name is Joe. But you gotta prove to them boy 😀

    The Ninja Way Of Craving

    We’re All Different But Still Same Same. All the Ninja Pork Burger has the same ingredient but different type of saucing.

    You have the option to select the Ninja Joe Pork Burger flavour: Original, Teriyaki, Black Pepper, Oriental, Sweet & Sour & Spicy.

    Two of us wants to taste all of em’ and ordered 6 Ninja Joe Pork Burger without fear 😀

    We paid RM23.90 for the Ninja Joe Pork Burger and top up RM3.50 for fries plus lemonade drink.

    It’s more worth to order more Ninja Joe Pork Burger as the Solo Ninja order cost RM5.95.

    Don’t be fool by the size of the burger in the picture. I can easily finish the single Ninja with 4 bites 😉

    We love the taste and the tender pork meat from Ninja Joe. Our top 3 flavour selection goes to Teriyaki, Spicy and Black Pepper.

    Missed out the order of cool Shuriken Nuggets and maybe we gonna play it next time.

    Bidding farewell to R2D2 Android Ninja Joe. We have found the way of the ninja at last 😀

    Address – LG18, Tropicana City Mall, No.3 Jalan SS20/27, Petaling Jaya
    Tel – 03-77250834

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    Jayce with the same ‘J’ start can or not? 😛

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