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Medifoods Organic Health Groceries

  • By on November 7, 2009 | 8 Comments

    Looking for a place to eat organic foods? Try out Medifoods where they offer organic health food from their groceries and you will have a range of selection from their menu. Nowadays people look into natural organic consumption as part of healthy lifestyle 😀

    Medifoods Organic & Healthy Dishes location in Subang Jaya SS18 was easy to find and you better set out for earlier lunch because it’s hard to get a seat if you set your food to the shop after 1pm.

    Medifoods was also a groceries that sells those organic stuff to customer as well with variety of organic product in place 🙂

    So let’s get started for healthy eating session today 😉

    Organic Food


    The free soup with lots of organic vegetable inside and nothing was left in the end.


    Free sticky porridge with ginger sliced.

    I love this one especially when I found ginkgo in my very last few spoon of eating.


    Local favourite organic health and delicious nasi lemak without the fear of cholesterol 😀

    Fragrance Australian Corose rice cooked with lemon grass, oat milk, extra virgin coconut oil with one hard boiled sunny side-up free range egg.

    The vegetable in dish was blanched cabbage and long bean, sliced Japanese cucumber and roasted peanut.

    The sambal is not ordinary but is a mixture serving of soy protein dried sambal and sweet onion based wet sambal. What a spicy organic sambal!

    This plate cost me RM 6 and I never ate such healthy nasi lemak before 🙂


    Free bread with sesame and pineapple jam and the sesame jam won in the taste comparison at last.

    Sesame is good especially for darkening your hair naturally without any perming 😀


    My favourite Kwai Fa Mee and not Maggi Mee which was available on Friday only for RM 8.50.

    I was in luck when the owner agree to cook this out when I visit their shop on Tuesday.


    Free dragon fruit and I love this one with smooth and juicy taste.


    Free organic Acar (kind of salad in South East Asia) and never in my life I get so many free side dishes 😀

    Is not only I am getting these extra organic dish for free but other have the same chance as well.

    I highly recommend organic foods from Medifoods if you want to change your eating lifestyle today 😀

    Address – 59, Jalan SS 18/6, Subang Jaya Malaysia 47500
    Tel – 03-5636 5338

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  1. #1 Cheewee
    November 8, 2009 7:15 am

    try their pasta, is good!

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  1. #2 ah hong
    November 8, 2009 7:28 am

    Organic pasta, sounds interesting. Will try it 😀

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  1. #3 Jayce
    November 8, 2009 11:32 pm

    Yeah… I love dragon fruit. So colourful. 🙂

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  1. #4 haan
    November 11, 2009 8:06 pm

    i like sesame.. now i know the reason why i’m dark… and my hair is dark without having to do anything, hahaha…

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  1. #5 ah hong
    November 12, 2009 12:42 am

    So you are the fans of sesame…street 😀

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  1. #6 Cynthia
    August 21, 2011 11:53 pm

    All the organic food in Medifoods are delicious, colorful & nutritious.
    Yummy yummy 🙂 Mr Looi is a good adviser.

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  1. #7 Yap
    March 13, 2013 1:04 am

    I have sent an email to Medifoods dated 9 Mac 2013. Until today, there is noreply from them. I have decided to forward my email to the members of public.

    Dear Sir,

    Today, I brought my family to Medifoods in SS18 for the first time to enjoy healthy organic food. We just want to have a light dinner because it was getting late at 8:30pm. There were only two other tables with customers when we walked in.

    1. We are only the third table and ordering four plates of noodles. Three came in less than 10 minutes but the last one can go missing. With only few customers, how can they just miss out last plate of noodle where we have to wait for about 20 minutes. Handling the shop are only foreigners. I didn’t see any local worker there.

    2. The first problem isn’t that critical. On my plate of noodles, I ordered the misua without egg. To my horror, there are few strands of short hair found in my bowl. I didn’t make any complaint yet because eating outside, these things tend to happen. But this few hairs really did affect my appetite. Imagine I drop few of my hairs into your food, would u like to eat them?

    3. I came over to Medifoods because my parents saw the 10% discount promotion from the Red Tomato newspaper magazine. When I called for the bill, the worker just replied back the amount I need to pay from the cashier, where I were still sitting together with my family. I walked over and presented the newspaper coupon. That worker just rejected me bluntly telling me he got no info about the discount. To my shock, this is my first time hearing such reason. You advertise promotion in newspaper and the workers don’t know and don’t accept the discount promotion! What is this? Are you cheating the consumer to come to your restaurant?!

    4. I were really fed up with the explanation and that worker still made me paid for the full amount. I complaint to him there are some hair in my food, he just simply brushed off and asked me to call in to complain. What kind of services are you offering?

    Medifoods, you better give me a satisfy explanation on all the above issues. If you choose to ignore, I will post this email in Facebook, other food review blogs and make a complaint to the association of consumer.

    You are promoting healthy organic food which we are paying premium for it. Is this the level of services you are offering and the hygiene standard you are practising?

    I am looking forward to your reply.


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  1. #8 Raghunath
    March 17, 2014 11:58 pm

    Eh? I’ve eaten at Medifoods more than 150 times! With family and lots of friends. Never had a bad experience. Their spread is delicious and healthy as always. And service as well. Their coconut pau is the best in Malaysia!

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