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Klang Special Loh Mee

  • By on January 5, 2009 | No Comments

    Food is a need. Yeah…a N-E-E-D 😉

    And tasting and testing food become one of my hobby. There’s no absolute dishes that I really love. I just love it if the food were sweet enough to make me fell in love 🙂

    I am not Loh Mee lover, but today it happens that I ‘da bao’ a very nice Loh Mee. If you ask me what you can have nice food besides Bah Kut Teh in Klang. My answer will be this special Loh Mee.

    Okay…so what so special about this Loh Mee. You can get Loh Mee everywhere right, but all taste sucks. Some the sauce were too plain and so you have to put all the vinegar inside and rebuild the sauce taste again. Ewwwhh…

    This Klang Special Loh Mee (not the stall name ya) can be found near Jalan Meru, Klang. You go in, sit down and order a bowl of Loh Mee. And then you realize, why I am in someone’s house. Hahaha 😉

    A big bowl home made Loh Mee for RM4.30. This couple really use their time in making this Loh Mee. Even the meat was not pre-made but cooked as per your order 🙂

    The best part in this Loh Mee was the home made mee. I do respect home made mee, less oily compares to other mee 😉 and this one taste beautiful and shining.

    I can missed the Loh Mee sauce either. Not too plain or too sticky, put in some vinegar and it was very good in taste.

    Slurp slurp slurp…I finished the whole Loh Mee and left an empty bowl. My stomach feels very release, vinegar is good for health you know 😉

    Try the Klang Loh Mee ya…I have include the location in the Google Maps 🙂

    Location of Loh Mee Stall

    ah hong

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