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Kenting Fried Milk Snack

  • By on June 19, 2010 | No Comments

    The food craving journey in Taiwan reach a stop in a stall which sell Fried Milk snack from Kenting. It’s just an appetizer for us before we head to Shi Da night market.

    So what’s the Fried Milk snack (垦丁牧场炸鲜奶) from Kenting all about? I am not sure if it’s one of the famous snack but it should be worth for a bite.

    Anyway, Taiwanese is the real expert in making good snack. Let’s take a look on it.

    Taiwan Special Snack

    The look of the sliced milk before going inside the oil pan gasket.

    The Fried Milk snack in square solid form has 3 pieces per stick for 20NTD 🙂

    One comment after my first bite on Fried Milk snack. Crusty outside, chewy inside.

    Definitely a creative taste and I was hoping someone will sell Fried Milk snack in our pasar malam one day 🙂

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