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Ipoh Foh San Dim Sum

  • By on December 24, 2008 | 1 Comment

    Flash back of the story before the trip to Cameron Highlands, which happens in one of the Ipoh Hotel in early morning 6.45am…

    Ah Hong: Wake up loh…time to get some Ipoh Dim Sum liao

    Ah Kit: Let me sleep a while more lah…now sleep is more nutritious than eat onion-yawn

    Jason: Both of you! One snore at the night and another one sneeze like hell…I should ask you all da bao the Ipoh Dim Sum for me onion-angry

    Ah Hong & Ah Kit: Sorry ya, Jason. Dim sum da bao not nice one…let’s go to Ipoh Foh San Dim Sum.

    We arrive at Ipoh Foh San Dim Sum at 7am, and we were quite suprised to see it was crowded. The environment give us a good feel where lots of old folk is drinking and chit chatting while having a few pieces of Ipoh Dim Sum. Quite relaxing to have breakfast under such classic environment, but we yet to find our place to sit yet onion-sweat

    Most Ipoh residents, particularly the older generation, indulge their favorite time enjoying “dim sum” (Chinese: 点心) consisting of various Hong Kong style cuisine includes small Chinese dumplings and delicacies with servings of Chinese tea.


    We got our sit 10 minutes later, considered quite lucky. Hahaha…and again legends claim that Ipoh’s water, which is relatively hard (high alkali content) owing to Ipoh’s location on top of a large karstic formation makes the dim sum especially tasty.

    Their dim sum were took from the open kitchen which was the busiest corner in the shop.

    Siew Mai, Dan Tart (Egg Tart) and not sure what the other called onion-sweat


    Chee Cheong Fun, it is a flat white rice noodle which locals believe best served in soy sauce with shredded chicken meat and prawns. Chee Cheong Fun from Foh San was delicious and I would recommend you to try it 😉

    Same goes to the Steam Lobak which was taste smooth and delicious 🙂


    The rest of the dim sum taste was good too because mostly was served hot, which was important to keep the softness of dim sum onion-sushi


    Har Kau in Foh San Dim Sum is the one that still in my memory…the prawn in the Har Kau is the biggest I had so far onion-love

    The yam with meat paste was nice, not sure how it was called in Chinese liao. The crust was so soft and you no need to chew it, and let is melt in your mouth onion-good

    At last when they bill comes…we were shocked because is around RM11 per person. All of us was very satisfied and wish to come Ipoh for dim sum again onion-full

    ah hong

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  1. #1 giraffe
    December 27, 2008 9:47 am

    Personally preferred Foh San Dim Sum to Mxxx Kxx Dim Sum …
    Reasons being are:
    1) The environment in Foh San is more relaxing and you will see more old people ‘tan char’ there … feeling good
    2) The dim sum’s size is bigger in Foh San (even it’s not as variety as Mxxx Kxx Dim Sum)
    3) Ingredients used are better quality and fresh (the prawns are big!!!).

    Worth to try …

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