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Ikano Power Centre Curry Puff

  • By on October 31, 2009 | No Comments

    Want to know where you can have quick taste when you drop-by-shopping in Ikano Power Centre in Damansara? Ikano Cafe Restaurant was the answer serving the tasty Curry Puff or known as Karipap in Malaysia 🙂

    You will be surprise to see long queue waiting to purchase the Curry Puff from Ikano Cafe’s counter. My piece of advice, look for seat before you order any food and I wish you luck on finding one.

    Lots of people (I am one of them) will walk from The Curve to Ikano Power Centre just to have some bite on the Curry Puff 🙂


    My less favourite snack will be the Hot Dog besides Curry Puff. At first, the Hot Dog came with ‘blank’ sausage and wrapped by a normal bread.

    Don’t stuff the Hot Dog on your mouth yet 😉


    You got the choice to plant some topping on top of the Hot Dog. Fresh slice onion was my favourite topping and I bet you will love it too 🙂


    Here comes the Curry Puff as the snack of the day though the picture doesn’t looks good. Once you got this on your hand, bite it on the spot. I love the crusty feel bite with tempting gravy and egg pieces 😀

    I don’t think one Curry Puff is enough for you, try order two at least 🙂

    P.S Just came back from Taiwan and be prepare for upcoming Taiwan Snack post 🙂

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