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Grilled Escargot Special Recipe

  • By on October 10, 2010 | 1 Comment

    Let’s ruin our stomach with grilled escargot from one of the stall in Jiu Fen Old Street. My first encounter with this unique snack makes me think what is the special recipe behind the grill bar.

    This stall name 九份烤香螺旋 (翡翠螺) offers 3 pieces of grilled escargot for 100 NTD.

    Let’s have a quick look on the grilled escargot on the hot bar. Sweat~

    98 Degrees Golden Escargot

    The attractive look of grilled escargot in golden color. Who want some?

    You bet, it’s one of the snack you can find in the Fear Factor challenge and some contestant might find it’s hard to swallow 😉

    Fearless, we spiced it up with chili sauce and the salty grilled escargot taste good in the end of our tongue.

    The food craving journey in Jiu Fen old street is still long way to go. I will see you again on the next grilled mushroom stall 😀

    ah hong

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