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Fuzhou Fish Ball

  • By on September 18, 2010 | 1 Comment

    In Jiu Fen, a small town in north Taiwan has one of specialty store that serve good Fu Zhou fish ball. Our food marathon in Jiu Fen kicked off in the shop name Jiu Fen Zhang Ji Yu Wan (九份张记鱼丸).

    After long hour travel by MRT and public bus from Taipei, we reach Jiu Fen and love the place at first sight with the view on Pacific Ocean.

    It’s real classic environment with lots of old stores and restaurants running along the street.

    Jiu Fen Snack Marathon

    We start to hop from one stall to another for snack and this Fu Zhou fish ball is our first treat.

    The raw look on the Fu Zhou fish ball not going to attract anyone in first sight, but do not judge a book by its cover 😀

    The inside cover of the Fu Zhou fish ball. Mixture of secret ingredient which gives you classic taste 🙂

    Oil Tofu (油豆腐) is another dish I recommend from Jiu Fen Zhang Ji Yu Wan (九份张记鱼丸). Nice~

    We spent around 105NTD for the food in the stall and you shouldn’t miss the Fu Zhou fish ball and Oil Tofu in the order.

    Let’s proceed to the next stall and continue with our snack marathon 😀

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