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Best Fried Oysters In Taiwan

  • By on February 4, 2010 | 1 Comment

    Want to crave for the best fried oysters in Taiwan? Let me show you the one in Hualien City and no doubt it is the best fried oysters I had so far in my life with simple cooking recipe.

    We went to Hualien town and look for the stall name 海埔 to hunt for their fried oysters (蚵仔煎).

    Surprise, the stall was full of customer who is waiting for the fried oysters to be serve.

    No choice in hand and we head to the shop which serve us the Taiwan Dessert Local ABC as our dinner appetizer 😀

    We return to the fried oysters stall and glad to have our seat for dinner.

    Pan Fried Oysters Cooking


    The sea of fresh oyster, don’t be surprise if all of them sold out in the end of the  day.

    The hawker was serious and used his heart to fried the oysters in the pan and sell for 45NTD per plate.


    The skill was real amazing to prepare around 12 plates of fried oyster in one round.

    Worry on the quality of the mass production? You don’t need too because the taste satisfaction guaranteed with all the ingredients thrown in balance to the surface of the fried oyster 😀


    What do we have on our table? Fresh oyster fried with the crunchy vegetables was ready to fill our stomach tonight 😉

    The floor was quite special with cute texture wrapping the whole dish. At last, we chew the fresh oyster bite by bite into dream.

    If you are the fried oyster’s fan from Malacca or Penang, hunt for this one in Hualien and you will never forget how the taste like.

    ah hong

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    February 5, 2010 1:38 am

    Look good. Yam Yam… 🙂

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