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Dong Shan Duck Head

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    As we continue our venture into Taichung night market in Dong Hai art street, we found there’s lots of different snack variety. The night market isn’t big enough as compare to Feng Jia night market.

    Remember we had Fuzhou Black Pepper Bun before this in Shilin night market? We found the claim-to-be-original stall in Dong Hai night market and ordered one as appetizer.

    The taste isn’t good enough as compare to the one we had in Shilin night market. Feels demotivated.

    Dunking Duck Special

    Luckily the name of Dong Shan Duck Head caught our attention which located opposite the Fuzhou Black Pepper Bun’s stall. Let’s check it out.

    Lots of duck head available in the stall’s menu. Maybe we should skip this cos’ duck head to avoid any pain in our body 😀

    Friends who love Penang Lobak, check this out. We ordered few stick of Lobak and the better than average taste costs us 65NTD.

    This is the only stall which I think it’s worth to taste it out in Dong Hai night market. The rest can forget about it 😉

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