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Cuc Gach Quan Designer Restaurant In Saigon

  • By on August 28, 2011 | 1 Comment

    Cuc Gach Quan is no doubt one of the best restaurant in Ho Chi Minh city. The restaurant offers sensational Vietnamese cuisine surround by beautiful decor and warm environment.

    Back to this afternoon, we paid a visit to Quan An Ngon Restaurant which was recommended by Lonely Planet. The overall food taste met the expectation and I was hoping there’s more special Vietnamese cuisine in Ho Chi Minh city.

    Our food adventure continues with Cuc Gach Quan restaurant as recommended by the local. Frankly, we had trouble looking for Cuc Gach Quan restaurant because the location is somehow ‘quite hidden’ 🙂

    Beautiful Taste From Saigon

    Why Cuc Gagh Quan is called the designer restaurant? From what I understand, this place used to be a designer shop and there’s one lady who cook for the staff.

    From time the place has became famous for its food and it became a restaurant in the end.

    Let’s start the feast with Golden Apple Leaf with Chicken for 80,000 VND. The taste is eventually better with Saigon beer 😀

    One of my personal favourite, Fried Tofu with Lemongrass and Chili for 65,000 VND.

    Good fragrance of the lemongrass with extra smooth tofu makes me fall in love with it.

    Zucchini Flower with Beef for 80,000 VND. This is my first time craving Zucchini Flower and the taste is special until the beef has been ignored.

    Crispy Sea Bass with Passion Fruit Sauce for 75,000 VND. Highly recommended for fish lover 🙂

    Here comes the soup of the day, Clam Soup with Fennel for 80,000 VND. The taste is kind of special and I couldn’t find it here in Malaysia.

    Pork Stewed in Claypot for 75,000 VND. Beware of the sauce cos’ I found the taste is too salty.

    Here comes the final dish, Fried Squid with Tamarind Sauce for 85,000 VND.

    Pretty satisfied over the authentic home cuisine in Cuc Gach Quan designer restaurant 🙂

    Address – 10 Dang Tat | Ward Tan Dinh, Ho Chi Minh City District 1, Vietnam
    Tel – 0084838480144
    Website – www.cucgachquan.com

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