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Fuzhou Black Pepper Bun

  • By on April 2, 2010 | 1 Comment

    Black pepper bun is a Chinese traditional snack from Fuzhou, China. The bun has become one of the traditional snacks in Taiwan and you can crave for this snack and unlock their recipe in the Shilin Night Market.

    Our Taipei Homestay owner give us a ‘must try’ signal for this black pepper bun and we walk into Shilin Night Market and found the stall which was opposite the Stinky Tofu stall.

    饶河街之福洲世祖胡椒饼, this is the name of the stall in Mandarin that sell Fuzhou Black Pepper Bun.

    Golden Crispy Pepper Bun

    The Fuzhou Black Pepper Bun doesn’t looks like a biscuit to me and it is worth for NTD45.

    The skin of the bun is hand made with sesame on top and charbroil for few minutes until it become golden and crispy.

    Thinking it over, the colour of the Black Pepper Bun in brown looks like biscuit 😀

    Here comes the crispy bite with juicy pork filling marinade with black pepper and dried chopped green onions.

    I can’t resist the fine taste of every bite with perfect flavor of black pepper.

    Damn tasty indeed and I missed the taste of Fuzhou Black Pepper Bun. Should have order more than one that time 😉

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