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Ah Lan Glutinous Rice Cake

  • By on November 12, 2010 | 1 Comment

    Ah Lan Glutinous Rice Cake (Chai Kueh) is another one of the famous shop in Jiu Fen and anyone will drew into the big crowd of people in front of the stall. Chai Kueh means vegetable cake as well and it’s a bite-sized snack or dessert food which is enough to remove the  hunger for 30 minutes.

    The word Kueh is written as “guo” (粿) or sometimes as “gao” (糕)  in Chinese and usually it’s made from ground rice flours.

    Let’s check it out what they have in Jiu Fen Ah Lan Chai Kueh (九份阿兰菜仔粿) shop. Looks like it going to be long queue 🙂

    Fresh Vegetable Cake

    There’s mass production activity going on inside the shop where there’s numerous workers making the glutinous rice cake in super busy mode.

    All the glutinous rice cake item displayed in the picture is 40 degrees hot. Fresh from oven 😉

    Hot. Shiny. Sticky. Soft. Looks tempting and we bought few glutinous rice cake with the price of 10NTD each.

    Superb soft and chewy skin. You going to love every bite of this glutinous rice cake filled with fresh pickled vegetables and dried shrimps.

    Damn authentic snack by Ah Lan Chai Kueh. Still remember the taste until now and that’s what how we label it as great snack 😀

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